Solar Power and Clean Water for All

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The Scale Model

You can't just go around claiming to have a miracle energy cure.

There are too many charlatans out there doing just that. Google "Free Energy" if you have a strong stomach.

Like any engineer, I'm starting off with a study phase.

  • Phase One: Basic research - Ongoing - I've been reading up on downdraft energy generation since 1993.

  • Phase Two: Computer modeling - Complete - I've created theoretical outputs for a wide variety of sizes, water demands, and climatological conditions.

  • Phase Three: Scale model - Underway - I'm currently building a 7-meter tall scale model to confirm the computer model. I should be able to create about 100 watts with this model. If I do, I'll move to Phase Four. If not, I'll stop here.

  • Phase Four: Small production unit - The next step would be a 50-meter tall unit. This unit would further confirm the computer models, and should produce about 2.8 megawatts. This unit would require a substantial reserach grant.

  • Phase Five: Medium production unit - Here's where we start making some real power. At about 200-meters, we make about 350 megawatts. We're close to breaking even.

  • Phase Six: Full production unit - 18 gigawatts (that's where our name comes from.) Enough to power 11 million people. Maybe someday.

    So here we are in Phase Three, and I'm building a 7-meter dome out of scrap metal.

    You can chip in to help reimburse me for construction materials and time away from "real work" at my Kickstarter. THANK YOU!!!

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