Solar Power and Clean Water for All

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About Us

Thanks for visiting! My name is Daniel Wade. I'm a professional engineer from Oklahoma. By day, I focus on drinking water and sanitary sewer systems. By night, I work on 18 Gigawatts.

I was first attracted to Buckminster Fuller's ideas (both on architecture and on ecology) in 1991. His book Critical Path is a book I can't recommend highly enough.

I've been fascinated with Dan Zaslavsky and his downdraft towers since I first read about them in 1993. I believe his technology has the ability to bring tremendous improvements to society. I hope he sees this work primarily as a tribute to him.

I'm blessed with an amazing wife and two great kids.

For fun, I teach Sunday School, help run a kids' chess club, provide an alternative to the Religious Right, and collect music (mainly modern folk).

Right now 18 Gigawatts LLC is just a certificate of incorporation, a website, and some provisional patents. With your help, we can spread the word and make it grow.

You can reach me at

18 Gigawatts, LLC
P.O. Box 3064
Oklahoma City, OK 73101

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